5 Tips for Getting Insurance to Approve Your Breast Reduction


Women or men with extremely large breasts may examine the possibility of having a breast reduction performed. When having a breast reduction one of the main concerns is the cost. Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgery so usually the insurance refuses to pay. There are ways around the insurance not paying for your reduction.

Five Tips for getting the insurance to approve your breast reduction surgery:

1. Set up a consultation with the plastic surgeon of your choice. While with the surgeon, ask to speak with the medical billing office. The billing officer sometimes can help with reasons why you should have the surgery. They know how to word the request so that the insurance will pay most of the cost.

2. Go to your personal physician before seeking consultation from a plastic surgeon. Complain to your family physician about the backaches you are suffering from with the large breasts. Some doctors will set up a referral to the plastic surgeon so that you can get some relief from back pain.

3. Have the plastic surgeon take pictures of your large breasts. Have the surgeon make suggestions to the insurance agency on reduction because of the pulling your breast does on your neck. Talk about the headaches and shoulder pain that you are experiencing with the large breast.

4. Mental health can sometimes be of service with anxiety from such large breast if the person is not going out in public or they are depressed at the large breasts. Documenting this anxiety and depression over the large breast can sometimes help with the insurance paying for the surgery.

5. Explaining to your surgeon that your breast is so large that you are having difficulties sleeping on your back may help your case. The insurance will usually look at issues that deprive you from sleep. Tell the surgeon that you have difficulty breathing when your breast falls into your neck area. This is the case with large breast. When women lie down on their backs, the breast tissue will push up on the neck area. This cuts off the oxygen and makes it very hard to breathe.

Speaking with personal physicians, plastic surgeons, mental health caseworkers, and the billing officers will help you to establish a case for why you need breast reduction surgery. It also helps establish a case to why having the surgery will make your life better and healthier. Insurance will pay if you have the right reasons for them to pay.


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