The Other Benefits of Switching to E-Cigarettes

The health benefits of e-cigarettes have been discussed over the last few years, whether on this site or on countless other blogs, news media channels, and newspapers.

Though it’s certainly fair to say that these benefits are incredibly important, when it comes to our own health most of us are very stubborn. It will likely take more than knowing something is bad for our health for us to stop using it and move to an alternative.

For this reason, below are three reasons why you should make the switch from standard cigarettes to e-cigs, none of which are related to your health in any way. In no particular order:

E-Cigarettes are Significantly More Affordable

Though it may not seem like it when you first look at the prices of starter kits, e-cigarettes are actually more affordable than regular cigarettes. This is because a standard starter kit can typically last you much, much longer than a number of regular packets would. This means your money is stretched over a much longer time frame.

This is great not only in helping you save money, but also in making your life easier as you’ll no longer have to visit your corner shop every day to pick up your cigarettes. And when you need a top-up, you can simply order all you need online for immediate delivery. When purchasing Smoko electronic starter kits online, know that once your starter kit has been purchased, the ongoing cost is even less from then onwards as you’ll only have to buy refills.

E-Cigarettes Contain Far Fewer Chemicals

Though having less chemicals in them is good for your health, in this respect we’re talking about the positive effect of these chemicals not polluting the air or the ground.

Several studies have been conducted into whether these health and safety benefits are real. And though it’s impossible to go just one way or another, it’s certainly safe to say that e-cigs are better for the environment than standard cigarettes, which when coupled with their health benefits is a fairly good card to play against yourself if you’re trying to convince yourself to make the change.

Using E-Cigarettes, You Can Adjust Your Nicotine Intake

When you smoke electronic cigarettes, you’re actually dealing with liquids and cartridges that release nicotine when you smoke them. For this reason, it’s possible to purchase these liquids at different concentrations, allowing you to slowly lower this concentration over time so you barely notice the change.

Unlike with standard cigs, where there is very little variation between cigarette strengths apart from light, regular, and high strengths, these liquid concentrations vary immensely, making it truly possible for you to quit without having your body go haywire.

If you can, try to find what nicotine concentration you’re currently smoking on a weekly basis. You should be able to find this on your cigarette packet. Then, find this equivalent in liquid form. Chances are it’ll seem immediately too strong for you, meaning you can lower your concentration level immediately.

The benefits of electronic cigs are many and they are not only good for your health. As what you’ve probably realised from what was discussed above, they are also great for your pocket and the environment. Though e-cigs will take some getting used to, they will certainly be worth switching to.

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