Would You Dare Smoke an Electric Cigarette? 4 Reasons It’s Okay

Smoking tobacco and cigarettes seems to be fast becoming a very out dated form of recreational pleasure. The harmful long-term effects of smoking being the primary concern for many people, as well as the ever-increasing costs of tobacco in the shops and supermarkets.

However, there is an alternative for those of you that still enjoy the pleasure of smoking that does not damage your health or the health of other people around you. This alternative comes in the form of the new electronic cigarette or e-cigarette.

These devices use a liquid vegetable oil that is vaporised in a chamber within the e-cigarette housing. The process is done through a cartomizer that heats the liquid, turning it to steam that can then be inhaled like a regular cigarette.

These devices can be bought from a number of high quality retailers like ecigzoo e cigarette and other similar reputable e-cigarette dealers. These companies also sell all the accessories that you will require, like spare batteries and e-liquid refills.

Smoking e-cigarettes is considered a much better option than smoking regular tobacco cigarettes and below we will look at a few of the reasons why.


Smoking e-cigarettes is a chemical free smoking experience. Most e-juice or e-liquid only contains vegetable oil with a trace of nicotine for the flavour and feel. This means that when you inhale you are only inhaling vaporised vegetable oil and nicotine. It is a clean chemical free smoke with no recognised health risks whatsoever. It certainly is a far cry from smoking tobacco cigarettes with their numerous chemical ingredients. Because the device only produces steam you also do not get a sore throat or suffer from irritable smoke related coughs.

Odour and Ash

As an e-cigarette only produces steam and there is no unpleasant after odour from smoking them. In fact, you cannot even smell an e-cigarette if you are in the same room as someone that is smoking one. This means that you can smoke your e-cigarette at home or even in your office without the need to open windows and of course without any unpleasant smell whatsoever. Because the e-cigarette does not burn there is also no ash, this means of course, that there is no need for ashtrays.

Freedom to Smoke

Because the e-cigarette does not burn and give off any harmful chemicals in the smoke, you can virtually use them anywhere. This means that you can sit in a bar or restaurant with your friends or family and enjoy your vapour smoke freely, without forcing second hand smoke on fellow customers. This is of course a very welcome break from having to step outside every time you feel like a cigarette. You are also free to smoke your e-cigarette in shopping centres and most other public places. As well as being able to smoke e-cigarettes in public, there is also not the social stigma attached to them. In these times of advanced public health awareness, smoking a tobacco cigarette is seen as a very unhealthy habit, where as the e-cigarette is seen as a harmless recreational pastime.

E-liquid Flavours

E-liquids or e-juice at it is often called is made from vegetable oil with added nicotine and flavours. The amount of nicotine in the oils can vary from high to, which means that you can choose exactly how strong you want your smoke. There are also many different flavours to choose from, including: chocolate, mint, strawberry, cinnamon, as well as of course, regular tobacco. There is pretty much a flavour for everyone’s taste and you can even mix them to make your own perfect blend.

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