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Guest Post Guidelines

Being Healthy Lifestyle aims to provide informed opinions and unbiased facts on exercise, nutrition, aging, lifestyle and much more. We need passionate bloggers to share tips on being healthy both physically and mentally.

Basically we are willing to publish the articles that details about health and fitness, pregnancy, weight loss, and other similar topics. Please avoid submitting articles that we have already published. Ensure that the content you submitted is plagiarism free. The guest post published on BeingHealthyLifestyle will be shared through our Twitter, LinkeldIn networks, Facebook as well on our weekly newsletters.

Below are types of content we want on BeingHealthyLifestyle[checklist]

  • The article length should be of 700 words
  • Ensure that the articles are not published anywhere even on your own site or blog
  • We will appreciate if you spend some time in writing valuable, high quality content free from grammatical errors.
  • As it is a health related website, we are more than willing to accept articles on health, weight loss and fitness.
  • As stated earlier write on topics related to health and fitness, pregnancy and weight loss.
  • Article can be news, tips or general information.
  • When you submit the guest post, ensure that you also submit information about the author. Let the readers understand about your site and you in at least 4 to 5 lines.
  • Of course, we permit links, but maximum one or two, both in the author byline.
  • Normally, we take care of the categories, tags and images. However, you are suggested to add categories, especially when we don’t have on our site. You can also add images for free image sources.
  • It is highly appreciated; if you respond to the comments on your articles.
  • It is highly recommended to do social media syndication on your articles.[/checklist]

Please make sure that we have a right to accept or reject the article with or without prior notice, especially if the articles are found plagiarized.  Also, if we find necessary we can do little alteration in the quality of contents that we are publishing on BeingHealthyLifestyle.


Send your content at info@beinghealthylifestyle.com, It takes about 4 days to published an article


Please note: To due high volume of guest post request, Im no longer accepting free guest posts in beinghealthylifestyle.com. If you wish to post your article in this blog, You just need to contribute a small amount $5 for each post.  

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